Thermosbaenacans are tethyan relicts widely distributed in different groundwater habitats over the World. Their distribution area fall within the coastal lines of the ancient Tethys belt, the 34 species so far known distributed in areas once covered by the shallow Tethys sea or its coast lines. Stock (1976) suggested the possibility of a more recent colonization for some Halosbaena species.

Recently Wagner (1994) reviewed this group of remarkable stygobitic crustaceans, subdividing them in four families: Thermosbaenidae, Monodellidae, Tulumellidae and Halosbaenidae.


Thermosbaena mirabilis Monod, 1924 [Tunisie;thermal springs]

MONODELLIDAE Taramelli, 1924

Monodella stygicola Ruffo, 1949 [South Italy; anchialine cave, and phreatic waters]

Tethysbaena aiakos Wagner, 1994 [Greece; phreatic waters]
Tethysbaena argentarii (Stella, 1951) [Italy; cave waters] *
Tethysbaena atlantomaroccana (Boutin & Cals, 1985) [Morocco; wells]
Tethysbaena calsi Wagner, 1994 [British Virgin Islands; phreatic waters]
Tethysbaena colubrae Wagner, 1994 [Puerto Rico; phreatic waters]
Tethysbaena coqui Wagner, 1994 [Puerto Rico; phreatic waters]
Tethysbaena gaweini Wagner, 1994 [Cuba; phreatic waters]
Tethysbaena haitiensis Wagner, 1994 [Cuba; phreatic waters]
Tethysbaena halophila (S.L. Karaman, 1953) [Croatia; cave waters]
Tethysbaena juglandis Wagner, 1994 [Haiti; phreatic waters]
Tethysbaena juriaani Wagner, 1994 [Cuba; pliocenic coralligenous deposits]
Tethysbaena lazarei Wagner, 1994 [Cuba; phreatic waters]
Tethysbaena relicta (Por, 1962) [Israel; thermo-mineral spring]
Tethysbaena sanctaecrucis (Stock, 1976) [British Virgin Islands; phreatic waters]
Tethysbaena scabra (Pretus, 1991) [Balearic Islands, Spain; cave waters]
Tethysbaena scitula Wagner, 1994 [British Virgin Islands; phreatic waters]
Tethysbaena siracusae Wagner, 1994 [Italy, Sicily; wells]
Tethysbaena stocki Wagner, 1994 [British Virgin Islands; phreatic waters]
Tethysbaena somala (Chelazzi & Messana, 1982) [Somalia; wells]
Tethysbaena tarsiensis Wagner, 1994 [Spain; phreatic waters]
Tethysbaena texana (Maguire, 1965) [U.S.A., texas; artesian wells]
Tethysbaena tinima Wagner, 1994 [Cuba; phreatic waters]
Tethysbaena vinabayesi Wagner, 1994 [Cuba; cave waters]

Wagner (1994) reported this species only from Italy (Monte Argentario cave, Tuscany); Bou (1975) and Pesce & Maggi (1983) reported it also from Greece (caves and wells in Peloponnesus).


Tulumella bahamensis Yager, 1988 [Bahamas; cave waters]
Tulumella grandis Yager, 1988 [Bahamas; cave waters]
Tulumella unidens Bowman & Iliffe, 1988 [Mexico; cenotes]

HALOSBAENIDAE Monod & Cals, 1988

Limnosbaena finki Mestrov & Lattinger-Penko, 1969 [Bosnia-Hercegovina; North Italy; hyporheic]

Halosbaena acanthura Stock, 1976 [Venezuela; Curacao; coral debris and interstitial]
Halosbaena fortunata Bowman & Iliffe, 1986 [Canary islands; cave waters]
Halosbaena tulki Poore & Humphreys, 1992 [West-Australia; cave waters]

Theosbaena cambodjiana Cals & Boutin, 1985 [Cambodia; cave waters]


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