Species described before 1986 according to Coineau (1986) and Wilson & Wagele (1994). Geonemy and ecology after Botosaneanu - Stygofauna Mundi (1986) (characters "alfa" and "beta" substituted by "a" and "b"). Limited or particular geonemies are detailed. For some taxa, marked with "+", more information is given on their systematics, ecology and geonemy, and publication data.

Information and/or suggestion regarding new described species or species described after 2007, as well as improving of the list, will be welcome. Please contact the following address: luciopesce@virgilio.it

The microparasellid genera can be separated from genera of Janirids using the key provided by Wilson & Wägele(1994).


  • Angeliera Chappuis & Delamare, 1952
  • Microcharon Karaman, 1934
  • Microparasellus Karaman, 1933
  • Janinella Albuquerque et al., 2014

    Angeliera dubitans Stock, 1977 [ VII 13; P2]
    Angeliera gracilis (Gnanamuthu, 1954) [V 7; P2]
    Angeliera cosettae Coineau & Rao, 1972 [IV 6; P2]
    Angeliera ischiensis Schulz, 1954 [I 14; P2]
    Angeliera phreaticola Chappuis & Delamare.,1952 [I 14, IV 5, V 7; P2]
    Angeliera psamathus Kensley, 1984 [VII; P2] [PDF]
    Angeliera racovitzai Coineau & Botosaneanu, 1973 [VII 13; P2]
    Angeliera xarifae Siewing, 1959 [IV 6; P2]
    Angeliera rivularis Stock, 1985 [Queensland, rivers; L]

    (from: Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History)

    "According to Coineau (1986; 1994), Dole & Coineau (1987) and Galassi (1991), the isopod genus Microcharon has a marine origin, and secondarily colonize inland groundwater during marine regressions. The dynamic events, which led to the colonization and speciation in inland groundwater have been widely discussed by several Authors for some crustacean taxa (Stock, 1980: Rouch, & Danielopol, 1987; Boutin & Coineau, 1990; Notenboom, 1991; Coineau & Boutin, 1992; Holsinger, 1994; Stoch, 1999).

    As regard the genus Microcharon, a good correlation betwen patterns of relationship among the species and sequence of epicontinental sea regression in the Mediterranean basin was suggested by Coineau (1994), who postulated a colonization of groundwater from marine ancestors and a subsequent speciation by vicariance, according to the "modele biphase" (Rouch & Coineau, 1990)" [from: Stoch & Galassi, 2002]

    Microcharon acherontis Chappuis, 1942 [II 6; K L1]
    Microcharon agripensis Galassi et al. 1995 [Greece; phreatic waters] [PDF]
    Microcharon alamiae Boulanouar, Yacoubi-Khebiza, Boutin & Coineau, 1997 [Morocco; wells]
    Microcharon anatolicus Pesce & Galassi, 1990 [9b; K] [PDF]
    Microcharon angelicae Pesce & Galassi, 1988 [I 5c; K] [PDF]
    Microcharon angelieri Coineau, 1963 [I 3; K L1]
    Microcharon antonellae Galassi, 1991 [I 5b; P2]
    Microcharon apolloniacus Cvetkov, 1964 [I 9b; S]
    Microcharon arganoi Pesce & Tetè, 1978 [I 5b; K] [PDF]
    Microcharon ariegensis Coineau et al., 2013 [France; interstitial] [PDF]
    Microcharon boui Coineau, 1968 [I 3; K]
    Microcharon boulanouari Coineau et a., 2013 [France; interstitial] [PDF]
    Microcharon boutini Boulanouar, Yakoubi, Messouli & Coineau, 1995 [Morocco; K]
    Microcharon bureschi Cvetkov, 1976 [I 9b; a]
    Microcharon coineaue Galhano, 1970 [II 2; P2]
    Microcharon comasi Coineau, 1985 [I 2: B]
    Microcharon doueti Coineau, 1968 [I 4; D, T]
    Microcharon eurydices Cvetkov, 1965 [I 9b; K, L, S]
    Microcharon galapagoensis Coineau & Schmidt, 1979 [ IX 5; P2]
    Microcharon halophilus Birstein & Ljovuschkin, 1965 [III 2; D]
    Microcharon harrisi Spooner, 1959 [II 2; Q] [PDF]
    Microcharon heimi Coineau, 1968 [VI 6; Q]
    Microcharon hellenae Chappuis & Delamare, 1954[Mediterranean; psammon]
    Microcharon hercegovinensis Karaman, 1959 [I 7d; B, L1]
    Microcharon herrerai Stock, 1977 [II 4; I]
    Microcharon hispanicus Pesce & Galassi, 1988 [I 1a; a] [PDF]
    Microcharon juberthiei juberthiei Coineau, 1968 [I 4; L1, K]
    Microcharon juberthiei ramosus Coineau, 1968 (I 4; L]
    Microcharon karamani Pesce & Tetè, 1978 [I 13; K]
    Microcharon kirghisicus Jankowskaya, 1964 [III 2; K, M?]
    Microcharon latus latus Karaman, 1934 [I 7d,I 7e,I 7f, I 8b,
    I 8d, I 9b; L, K, S]
    Microcharon latus prespensis Karaman, 1954 [I 8b, I 8c, I 8d; L1, S] [PDF]
    Microcharon letiziae Pesce & Galassi, 1988 [I 1a; a] [PDF]
    Microcharon longistylus Pesce & Galassi, 1988 [I 1a; a] [PDF]
    Microcharon luciae Sket, 1990 [Cyprus; K]
    Microcharon lydicus Pesce & Galassi,1990 [European Turkey; wells] [PDF]
    Microcharon major Karaman, 1954 [I 8b, I 9b; L1] [PDF]
    Microcharon margalefi Sabater & de Manuel, 1988 [Spain; a]
    Microcharon marinus Chappuis & Delamare, 1954 [Mediterranean; coastal waters]
    [PDF1] [PDF2]
    Microcharon meijersae Pesce & Galassi, 1988 [Spain; K] [PDF]
    Microcharon monnioti Bocquet, 1970 [II 2; Q ]
    Microcharon mooreanensis Coineau (nomen nudum) [VI 6; Q]
    Microcharon motasi Serban, 1964 [I 9a; L1]
    Microcharon notenboomi Pesce & Galassi, 1988 [Spain; a] [PDF]
    Microcharon novarensis Stoch & Galassi. 2002 [north Italy; a] [PDF]
    Microcharon nuragicus Pesce & Galassi, 1988 [Italy, Sardinia; wells] [PDF]
    Microcharon oltenicus Serban, 1964 [II 7; L1]
    Microcharon orghidani Serban, 1964 [II 7; K]
    Microcharon orphei Cvetkov, 1977 [I 9b; S, K?]
    Microcharon othrys Argano & Pesce, 1979 [I 8c; K] [PDF]
    Microcharon oubrahimae Aït Boughrous, M. Boulanouar, M. Yacoubi & N. Coineau. 2007
    [Morocco: fresh waters] [PDF]
    Microcharon ourikensis Yakoubi, Boulanouar & Coineau, 1997 [Morocco; K]
    Microcharon phlegetonis Cvetkov, 1967 [I 9a; K, S]
    Microcharon phreaticus Coineau & Botosaneanu, 1973 [Cuba; wells]
    Microcharon profundalis profundalis Karaman, 1940 [I 9b; K, L, S]
    Microcharon profundalis beranensis Karaman, 1940 [I 7f; K, L, S]
    Microcharon profundalis kosovensis Karaman, 1940 [I 7f; K, L, S]
    Microcharon profundalis kumanovensis Karaman,1940 [I 9b; K, L, S]
    Microcharon raffaellae Pesce, 1979 [III 3; K] [PDF]
    Microcharon reginae Dole & Coineau, 1987 [France; hyporheic]
    Microcharon rouchi Coineau, 1968 [I 3; L1]
    Microcharon sabulum Kensley, 1984 [Carrie Bow Cay, Caribbean] [PDF]
    Microcharon salvati Coineau, 1968 [VI 6; Q]
    Microcharon silverii Pesce & Galassi, 1988 [Italy, Sardinia; wells] [PDF]
    Microcharon sisiphus Chappuis & Delamare, 1954 [I 6a; L1]
    Microcharon stygius stygius Karaman, 1933 [I 9b; K, L]
    Microcharon stygius hellenae Chappuis & Delamare, 1954 [I 8c; K]
    Microcharon tantalus Birstein &Ljovuschkin, 1965 [I 10; L]
    Microcharon teissieri Levi, 1950 [ II 2; Q]
    Microcharon thracicus Cvetkov, 1965 [I 9b; K, L, S]
    Microcharon ullae Pesce, 1981 [I 8e; K] [PDF]
    Microcharon zibani Pesce & Tetè, 1978 [I 13; K]

    Distribution of the genus Microcharon Karaman in Italy

    1. Microcharon marinus
    2. Microcharon arganoi
    3. Microcharon angelicae
    4. Microcharon nuragicus
    5. Microcharon silverii
    6. Microcharon sp.
    7. Microcharon novarensis

    (from: Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History)

    (from: World Register of Marine species)

    Microparasellus aloufi Coineau, 1968 [Lebanon; K]
    Microparasellus hellenicus Argano & Pesce, 1979 [Greece; K] [PDF]
    Microparasellus libanicus Chappuis & Delamare, 1954 [Lebanon; B]
    Microparasellus puteanus Karaman, 1933 [Yugoslavia, I 8d, I 9b; K]

    Janinella renaudae (Coineu, 1968) [New Caledonia; Q]
    Janinella caecus (Hansen, 1921) [West Africa] (?)
    Janinella brasiliensis Albuquerque et al., 2014 [Brazil; interstitial]

    Reviews of the genus Microcharon and/or of the family Microparasellidae can be found in: Dole & Coineau (1987), Coineau (1994), Wilson & Wagele (1994), Boulanouar a.o. (1995) and Yakoubi a.o. (1997).


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