In the present, provisional inventory, World strictly subterranean freshwater species, and species which regularly occur in coastal ground (cave, anchihaline, psammic and phreatic) waters, belonging to the family Cyclopidae Burmeister 1834 emend. Dana 1946, are listed. Strictly marine interstitial taxa not listed.
Species described before 1986 according to Lescher-Moutoue's (1986) and Herbst's (1986) reviews. Definition of "subterranean" taxa, geonemy and ecology after Botosaneanu - Stygofauna Mundi (1986) (characters "alfa" and "beta" substituted by "a" and "b"). Limited or particular geonemies are detailed. For some taxa, marked with "+", more information is given on their systematics, ecology and geonemy, and publication data.

Information and/or suggestion regarding new described species or species described after 1995, as well as improving of the list, will be welcome. Please contact the following address:

  • Euryteinae Monchenko 1975

  • Halicyclopinae Kiefer 1927

  • Eucyclopinae Kiefer 1927

  • Cyclopinae Dana 1853, Kiefer 1927

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  • Groundwater Harpacticoids World Checklist

  • Threatened species in Italy according to IUCN Red List Categories

    An Electronic Update to the "Checklist delle specie della fauna italiana. Copepoda"
    Calderini ed. Italy (1995)

    Carl voon Ossietzky Universitšt Oldenburg
    An excellent and updated Web Site on Copepods,
    with lot of information on groundwater taxa

    VI International Conference on Copepoda
    Oldenburg (Germany): July 29 - August 3, 1996

    VII International Conference on Copepoda
    Curitiba, Brazil - 25-31 July 1999

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