NEOCYCLOPS Gurney 1927; Petkovski 1986 (syn.Eurycyclops Sewell, 1949; Neocyclops (Neocyclops) Gurney, 1927; Neocyclops (Protoneocyclops) Petkovski, 1986; Pareuryte Herbst, 1952)

The genus Neocyclops Gurney, 1927, sensu Petkovski, 1986, includes 24 species, widespread in coastal, surface and subterranean (anchialine), habitats of Northeast and Tropical Atlantic, the Mediterranean, the Black and Red seas and the Indian (Australia) and Pacific (Papua, New Guinea) oceans, with an endemism index of about 95%.

Petkovski (1986) splitted the genus into two subgenera according to the number of exopodal segments of the male fifth leg. Particularly, species with male exopod of leg 5 4-segmented (plesiomorphic state ?) are grouped in the subgenus Protoneocyclops, and species with the same exopod 3-segmented (apomorphic state ?) are included in the subgenus Neocyclops s. str.

The subgenus Protoneocyclops comprises seven species: P. mediterraneus (Kiefer, 1960); P. stocki Pesce, 1985; P. papuensis Fiers, 1986; P. herbsti Petkovski, 1986; P. wellsi Petkovski, 1986; P.geltrudeae Pesce & Galassi, 1993; P. ferrarii Rocha, 1995 . The subgenus Neocyclops embraces six species: N. salinarum (Gurney, 1927); N. remanei (Herbst, 1952) ; N. medius Herbst, 1955 ; N. vicinus (Herbst, 1955) ; N. affinis (Plesa, 1961); N. petkovskii De Laurentiis, Pesce & Halse, 1997. In the following discussion the division of Neocyclops in the subgenera Neocyclops s.str. and Protoneocyclops will not followed.

  • Neocyclops (Protoneocyclops?)mediterraneus (Kiefer, 1960) [Balearic Islands, South Italy] (left)
  • Neocyclops stocki Pesce, 1985 [West Indies, Cuba]
  • Neocyclops papuensis Fiers, 1986 [Papua, New Guinea, Bahamas] (syn- Neocyclops (Protoneocyclops) papuensis Fiers, 1986 accepted as Neocyclops papuensis Fiers, 1986)
  • Neocyclops herbsti Petkovski, 1986 [Red Sea]
  • Neocyclops wellsi Petkovski, 1986 [Mozambique] (syn. Neocyclops (Protoneocyclops) wellsi Petkovski, 1986 accepted as Neocyclops wellsi Petkovski, 1986)
  • Neocyclops geltrudeae Pesce & Galassi, 1993 [central America] accepted as Neocyclops geltrudeae Pesce & Galassi, 1993
  • Neocyclops ferrarii Rocha, 1995 [Belize]

  • Neocyclops (Protoneocyclops) Petkovski, 1986 (syn. Neocyclops Gurney, 1927)
  • Neocyclops salinarum (Gurney, 1927) [France, Africa, Sinai, Andaman Islands ?]
  • Neocyclops remanei (Herbst, 1952) [Germany]
  • Neocyclops medius Herbst, 1955 [Brazil, Antilles; sandy beaches interstitial]
  • Neocyclops vicinus (Herbst, 1955) [Blanck Sea ?, Antilles, Brazil; sandy beaches interstitial ]
  • Neocyclops affinis (Plesa, 1961) [Africa, Madagascar,Bahamas]
  • Neocyclops petkovskii De Laurentiis, Pesce & Halse, 1997 [Western Australia]

    Other species have still an undefined subgeneric position.

  • Neocyclops hoonsooi Lee & Chang, 2015 [Korea; marine interstitial]
  • Neocyclops improvisus Plesa, 1973 [Cuba]
  • Neocyclops magnus (Sewell, 1949) [Indian Ocean (Maldive Archipelago)]
  • Neocyclops parvus (Sewell, 1949) [Indian Ocean (Maldive Archipelago)]
  • Neocyclops australiensis Karanovic, 2008 [Australia; marine interstitial]
  • Neocyclops sharkbayensis Karanovic, 2008 [Australia; marine interstitial]
  • Neocyclops trajani Karanovic, 2008 [Australia; marine interstitial]
  • Neocyclops pilbarensis Karanovic, 2008 [Australia; marine interstitial]
  • Neocyclops plesai Karanovic, 2008 [Australia; marine interstitial]
  • Neocyclops monchenkoi Karanovic, 2008 [Australia; marine interstitial]
  • Neocyclops tropicus Karanovic, 2008 [Australia; marine interstitial]
  • Neocyclops dussarti Karanovic, 2008 [Australia; marine interstitial]



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