The Canthocamptidae are harpacticoids living in continental waters, from the Arctic to the Antarctic, in about all types of water bodies and wetlands, most common in lake meiobenthos.

The family contains today more than 700 species, 500 of which are ascribed to the complex Attheyella-Elaphoidella-Bryocamptus. The presence of a prehensile P1 endopodite let us to consider Attheyella (Mrazekiella) and Canthocamptus as probably the most primitive freshwater Canthocamptidae

From a biogeographical point of view the distribution of the Canthocamptidae indicates a Pangean origin, and a vicariant biogeography, with indications that the most primitive groups are Holarctic-Laurasian. Several genera, such as Canthocamptus, Arcticocamptus, Attheyella s.str., Mrazekiella, and Moraria, are typically holarctic.

The family includes two subfamilies, Hemimesochrinae Por, 1986 with the following genera: Heteropsyllus, Hemimesochra, Nannomesochra, Mesopsyllus, Poria, Psammocamptus, Dahkalia, Bathycamptus, Boreolimella, Perucamptus, Pusillargillus and Isthmiocaris and Canthocamptinae Brady, 1880 with the all remainig genera.

Afrocamptus Chappuis, 1932

Amphibiperita Fiers & Rutledge, 1990

Antarctobiotus Chappuis, 1930

Antrocamptus Chappuis, 1956

Attheyella s.l. Chappuis, 1929

Australocamptus Karanovic, 2004

Bathycamptus Huys & Thistle, 1989

Boreolimella Huys & Thistle, 1989

Boreopontia Willems, 1981

Bryocamptus s. l. Chappuis, 1928

Canthocamptus Westwood, 1836

Carolinicola Huys & Thistle, 1989

Ceuthonectes Chappuis, 1924

Cylindropsyllus Brady, 1880

Cylinula Coull, 1971

Dahlakocamptus Huys, 2009

Elaphoidella s. l. Chappuis, 1928

Epactophanes Mrazek, 1893

Epactophanoides Borutzky, 1966

Evansula T. Scott, 1906

Ferronniera Labbé, 1924

Fibulocamptus Hamond, 1987

Glaciella Kikuchi, 1994

Goffinella Wilson C.B., 1932

Gulcamptus Miura, 1969

Hanikraia Huys, 2009

Hemimesochra Sars, 1920

Heteropsyllus T. Scott, 1894

Hypocamptus Chappuis, 1929

Itunella Brady, 1896

Leimia Willey, 1923

Lessinocamptus Stoch, 1997

Ligulocamptus Guo, 1998

Lofflerella Rouch, 1962

Maraenobiotus Mrazek, 1893

Mesochra Boeck, 1864

Mesopsyllus Por, 1960

Moraria Scott T. & A., 1893

Morariopsis Borutzky, 1931

Nannomesochra Gurney, 1932

Navalonia Huys & Conroy-Dalton, 1993

Ophirion Por, 1967

Orthopsyllus Brady & Robertson, 1873

Paracamptus Chappuis, 1929

Paramorariopsis Brancelj, 1991

Parepactophanes Kunz, 1935

Perucamptus Huys & Thistle, 1989

Pesceus Özdikmen, 2008 (nom. nov. for Paracamptus Chappuis, 1929)

Pholesticus Humes, 1947

Pilocamptus Wells, 2007

Pindamoraria Reid & Da Rocha, 2003

Pordfus Özdikmen, 2008 (nom. nov. for Ophirion Por, 1967)

Portierella Labbé, 1926

Pottekia Huys, 2009

Psammocamptus Mielke, 1975

Pseudomoraria Brancelj, 1994

Pusillargillus Huys & Thistle, 1989

Selenopsyllus Moura & Pottek, 1998

Spelaeocamptus Chappuis, 1933

Stenocaris Sars,1909

Stenocaropsis Apostolov, 1982

Stygepactophanes Moeschler & Rouch, 1984

Taurocletodes Kunz, 1975

Thermomesochra Ito & Burton, 1960

Vibriopsyllus Kornev & Chertoprud, 2008

Bodin (1997) and Por (1986) tentatively included also the genus Cletocamptus Schmankevitch 1875 in this family. Later, Mielke (2000) pointed out that "the situation of the genus Cletocamptus is complex and in some respectes inconsistent".

At present time, some authors include this genus among the Cletodidae, others (Por, 1986; Mielke, 2000) consider it among Canthocamptidae incertae sedis. According to Mielke (2000) this "uncertainty is due to the conjecture that the two families, Canthocamptidae and Cletodidae, appear to be poly- or paraphyletic assemblages".

Pending a definitive review of these families, this genus Cletocamptus is herein provisonally placed in the Cletodidae sensu Scott, 1905.

The genus Neomaraenobiotus Flossner, 1992 is a junior synonym of Gulcamptus Miura, 1969 (Reid & Ishida, 1996)


Isthmiocaris George & Schminke, 2003 [PDF]

  • Isthmiocaris laurae Bruch et al., 2011 [Angola Basin] [PDF]
  • Isthmiocaris longitelson George & Schminke, 2003 [Chile; continental slope] [PDF]

    Taurocletodes Kunz, 1975 [PDF]

  • Taurocletodes dubius (Noodt, 1958) [Canarie islands; coastal waters] [PDF]
  • Taurocletodes tumenae Karaytung & Huys, 2003 [Turkey; sandy beaches] [PDF]

    Recently George & Schminke (2003) and Karaytug & Huys (2004) reallocated the above genera to Canthocamptidae.



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